.....: Hybrid Rice Seed
We are working on long grain fine rice and coarse hybrid rice. It is our focused crop. The major segment of varieties is early maturity, medium maturity and medium late maturity. Both types of products are high yielding in comparison to conventional varieties. We are in process of continuous research in breeding and trait development to develop rice varieties of better grain quality and more resistant to pest and diseases. We have successfully launched the hybrid rice seeds. The response of farmers for these hybrid seeds is very encouraging. The main features which differentiate it from other seeds are good germination and highly yield quality. We are very much confident and looking a bright future in the rice segment. The main features of our rice are:

  1. Good Germination
  2. High Yield Performance
  3. Suitable to Our Local Environment
  4. Excellent Tillering Quality
  5. Early Maturity and Complete Crop in 90 Days
  6. Safe from Lodging
  7. Strong Root Development
  8. Flag Leaf Green Throughout Crop

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