.....: Hybrid Maiz Seeds ( Maiz / Makai Crop )

Our company is focusing on maize is to develop hybrids varieties those can be grown in a different seasons and for different purposes like Spring Maize, Autumn Maize, Fodder Maize and Maize for Silage. Our staff is also engage to improve grain quality, crop uniformity and yield levels per acre. We have variety of Maiz Seeds (Imported and local) which have good output per acre which increase farmer profitability. Main features of these seed are:

  1. High Yielding Performance, Single Cross Corn Hybrid
  2.  Physiological maturity; 115 days depends on the weather conditions high Grain Yield.
  3.   Large and showy ears with slightly conic-cylindrical ear tip shape.
  4.  High tolerance to high temperatures.
  5.  Wide leaves with semi-erect position.
  6.  High disease tolerance and Strong root & stalk strength
  7. Tolerance to lodging is high since the ear placement is at medium level of plant height,Fast dry down , low harvest moisture