.....: Rapseeds ( Canola Seed (hybrid )

Canola is grown as an oil seed crop in many areas of Pakistan. Due to over population and demand of edible oil is increasing day by day. Pakistan spends Billions of rupees on import for edible oil. Keeping in view the national interest, Dap Care International Pvt Ltd. has launched series of hybrid canola seed in Pakistan. 
After comprehensive research and testing process at different locations all over Pakistan, our successful varieties are available for farmers. Our best products have

· High yielding Hybrid canola seed. 
· Full season hybrid. 
· High yield potential up to 55-60 maunds /acre 
· Highly Resistant to shattering of pods. 
· Medium height with long pods fully grain filled. 
· Oil contents analyzed at 42% minimum. 
· Special Tolerance against diseases and weather stress. 
· Vigorous plants, no threat of lodging. 
· Heavy bearing approximately 1000 pods per plant.